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Step into a world of wellness with SmoothieBox, where the common query, “are smoothies healthy?” is answered with a resounding yes! Unwrap health with our frozen smoothie packs, smoothie delivery to your door, each brimming with nutritious goodness. Our almost pre-made (pre-prepped) smoothies are a boon for the busy bees, making meal prep a breeze. Delight in the green smoothie benefits amongst a bouquet of blends tailored for health aficionados. With SmoothieBox smoothie delivery, the myth “do smoothies make you gain weight?” crumbles, paving the path for a community celebrating the union of taste and health. Join us, make every sip a step towards a healthier you

With SmoothieBox, explore a treasure trove of benefits. SmoothieBox smoothie delivery subscription brings to your doorstep organic, frozen smoothie mixes, crafted for ease and nutrition. Loaded with whole fruits, veggies, and seeds, they’re a daily invitation to balanced nutrition, boosting energy, and promoting skin and gut health. They’re also allies in natural weight loss when paired with a balanced diet. Join the vibrant community of Super Blenders and make healthful living a delightful habit with SmoothieBox, where every blend is a step towards wellness!


What I Thought of SmoothieBox Smoothie Delivery

Ease into Taste and Nutrition with Smoothiebox, My Go-To Smoothie Delivery! 💯
I adore crafting my meals, yet Smoothiebox has become my trusted ally for effortless nutrition. It’s all about simplifying your journey to meet daily nutrient goals by delivering smoothie kits right at your doorstep. Just a quick blend with water or milk, and voila, a meal or snack is ready!

Exclusively organic, zero added sugar, and bursting with flavors! 😋
Smoothiebox’s 100% organic, fresh ingredients with no added sugars are a win. Choose from six enticing flavors – Mango, Berry, Green, Cacao, or Clementine Smoothie, each brimming with unique health benefits. Explore Smoothiebox, and don’t miss out on the $40 discount + free shipping with code CAITLIN40!

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What Others Are Saying

Health experts and food bloggers laud SmoothieBox for its effortless preparation, nutritional richness, and organic ingredients. The convenience and affordability of having a nutrient-dense option are celebrated, alongside the positive environmental footprint by avoiding the usual plastic waste from store-bought smoothies​.

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